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Walk-in Container

Walk-in Container
Item description:
The walk-in container is intended to house telecom equipment including radio relay stations, telephone switches, self-contained power supply sources, electrical equipment, etc. The container ensures continuous and stable operation of the equipment above and provides connection to local power supply and telecom trunk lines.    

All the parameters can be changed on customer request
Размеры, внутренние: аппаратная
Length 2200 mm
Width 1980 mm
Height 2460 mm
Inside dimensions: vestibule
Length 800 mm
Width 2200 mm
Height 2800 mm
Outside dimensions:
Length 3300 mm
Width 2200 mm
Height 2800 mm
Floor load capacity, max 800 kg/m²
Ambient temperatures -50°C to +45°C
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В контейнере предусмотрен один термоизоляционный отсек, разделенный внутренней перегородкой с входной одностворчатой дверью.
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Ventilation and Air-Conditioning
Normal ventilation system (air intake grids with mosquito nets)

Connection to Telecom Trunk Lines and Power Mains
Telecom cables are entered inside the container through a hatchway in the floor. An incoming power supply assembly is available to connect the container to the power network.  

Earthing System
Main Earthing Bus is provided inside the container with pins to connect grounding conductors.

The container has a rectangular shape with a simple double-pitched roof. The structural elements include: a roof, walls and a ceiling, external supporting framework.

All parameters can be changed on customer request.

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