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Ufa brand - at the forefront of trends. Semenov V.V. visit

In a recent meeting of the shareholders of JSC "Bashinformsvyaz" participated CEO of Russia's largest group of telecommunications companies "Svyazinvest" Vadim Semenov. Bashkir enterprise is one of the main assets of the group companies and the management of the holding interest is clear - "Svyazinvest" and "Rostelecom" is now actively introduce new and advanced telecommunications solutions. There is a consistent process of strengthening commercial innovation initiatives in the field of infrastructure and technology. The main driver of development of the entire group of companies is a segment of new services, namely it becomes the base in the direction of activities "Bashinformsvyaz" and included in the group of companies of the Ufa plant "Promsvyaz" (Brand PS-UFA).

The course of his working trip Vadim Viktorovich logically fit into its stated strategy of holding management: building on common objectives, organically fit into them private. The main idea is V.Semenov stressed is that "... we should be a unified economic policy - from business decision-making prior to the introduction of specific products and equipment, the organization of their production directly to Russian enterprises forces." Therefore, the shareholders' meeting Bashinformsvyaz "was only one part of the work of the General Director of" Svyazinvest ", which continued directly on the Ufa plant" Promsvyaz ". Despite the tight schedule of travel, Vadim Viktorovich accepted the invitation to the company's management and found time for detailed acquaintance with his work.

Such a strategy consonant with the ideas and actions of Medvedev, which he proclaimed, and as President of the Russian Federation, and consistently pursued in the post of Prime Minister of the Russian Government, "The innovation process should not be fragmented. For us the vitally important task is to significantly improve the efficiency and sustainability of the national economy, which is impossible without the real and the most closely related market, production and educational processes ... "

This is clearly seen on the example of "UZ" Promsvyaz ". The plant, which has become steadily on the path of innovation development activities, implemented in practice, "the ideology of flexible production." It is not only new production lines or electronic components, but also a set of management and business solutions, built on the advance implementation of the latest developments. "Flexible ideology" has already allowed to go beyond the narrow specialization in the field of communications and create an opportunity for the production of electronics of any complexity, regardless of the specific scope of its application. Versatility in a medium such as electronic systems, is achieved not easy, but expensive and appreciated! The equipment installed at the plant, belongs to the class of the most advanced in the segment - up to 150 thousand transactions per hour, with the result that allows to increase the annual volume of set-top boxes or other complex electronic products up to a half million copies. We emphasize - we are talking about the devices at the highest level of world development.

Examine your production and get acquainted with the financial and economic results of operations, plans for further development of the company and implementation of the latest technological advances, Vadim Semenov said that such results can and should be proud of:

- On duty, I often visited with visits to enterprises world's leading vendors of telecommunication equipment. And what he saw today in Ufa, once again convinces me that the rate on the domestic producers capable to develop and innovate so intensely - is fully justified.

As a wish and one of the tasks of the management and staff of V.Semenov expressed strong recommendation "strongly expand the customer base is not limited to the supply of equipment directly to the" Rostelecom ". Let the plant products meet not only the modern world level, but also at the forefront of telecommunications equipment development trends. Consequently, its consumers can and should be partners, not only in the domestic but also in foreign markets. Of course, the competition is very tough, but what he saw in the enterprise can confidently expect to succeed.

Director of US "Promsvyaz" Marat Timirov said: - It is gratifying to know that the recommendations of such an experienced manager as the CEO of "Svyazinvest", is completely in line with the declared strategy of development of the plant - "Become a Russian leader in the production of high-tech electronic equipment." No participant in the process, not "one of ...", and the undisputed leader! The enterprise, which is in the best position, marketing strategy, the novelty of technical and technological solutions and the quality of products can not only compete with the manufacturers of such products within the country and abroad, but also to replace the market with our global monsters!

This important task - not an allegation. Over the past two years on the circulation of products the company grew by two hundred times. As a result, the plant "Promsvyaz" steadily regained its status as one of Russia's largest companies. Furthermore - is worth a visit to the sites of the world's largest holders of patent holders and electronic design, as you can see, It is written in Cyrillic word "Promsvyaz" - is the only Russian name in their list of partners!

General Director of "Svyazinvest" V.Semenov and accompanying officials, among whom was the adviser to the president of JSC "Rostelecom" S.Gaysin and Minister of Economic Development of Bashkortostan A.Marin noted another very important detail - to achieve "Promsvyaz" plant will very many customers to dispel the myth about the high cost of Russian products. According to the basic ratio of "price-quality" "Promsvyaz" has long been among the undisputed leaders of the Russian market. This is due to a competent and well-balanced financial policy of the company - profitability here consists not cheat more or inflated costs, and achieved through a demand products, competent price policy with suppliers and customers.

The revenue of the enterprise in recent years is growing steadily. So, if in 2011 it amounted to 235.7 million rubles, increased to 612.5 million, ie, showed growth rates in excess of 250% over last year. In practice, this means not only the current financial stability, but also the ability to develop enterprise including at their own expense. In 2012, investment was sent 25.8 million rubles, in this 2013 it is planned to master even more - 34.3 million. In practice, this means not only the current financial stability, but also the ability to develop enterprise including at their own expense. Any businessman knows that such "self-investment" and how difficult it is in today's market reach such a steady direction of development.

Detailed knowledge of production and the current financial and economic indicators of work, communication with management, engineers and factory workers allowed Vadim Viktorovich to conclude that in the sector of telecommunications equipment products "Promsvyaz" plant is becoming more popular and successful. This is due not only to the release of products "one step ahead" consumer demands, but also the highest quality. Therefore, one of the outcomes of the working visit of V. Semionov at the plant "Promsvyaz" can be an increase in the share of the plant in the Russian domestic market of innovative means of communication.

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