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Technopolis - Technical Creativity Workshop

Technopolis - Technical Creativity Workshop

On the Ufa plant "Promsvyaz" came out on the next stage of development of a unique project - «PS-Lab» student techno club. Presentation «Promsvyaz - Laboratory» (PS-Lab) in a study conference format was held in the early summer, when the participants were given a rare opportunity - to directly get acquainted with all stages of development and production of the most advanced electronic products. At the same time it was identified and the main parameters of participation in the project for its future residents.

Held recently re-encounter it was not just a study - students of Ufa State College of Radio Electronics and USATU, BSU as well as their teachers were preparing for the first presentation of their ideas and projects. The club, which consists of leading representatives of universities and heads of departments of the company, determine which of the contestants won the right to run his idea in development.

The leading project supervisor appointed adviser to the technical director of the company Ilmir Gainutdinov, Deputy Director of Business Development of KM "Promsvyaz" Ruslan Sagdat. They are entrusted with not only the selection, but also support all areas within the «PS-Lab»: to research, design, development and testing of future device will be limited to six months, but then comes the stage of production and testing of experimental industrial design.

Own technology park, implemented in the format of «PS-Lab» student techno club - is not a whim and not charitable efforts. - Said the director of US "Promsvyaz" Marat Timirov. - It is clear, precise, practical interest because science needs financial and industrial make-up and fresh produce are needed, advanced scientific ideas and new technologies.

Direct organizer of the project, Head of the Control Service personnel "Promsvyaz" plant Eugene Mamaev said: - I am glad to know that after the first trial stage, at the second meeting «PS-Lab» were already really interested and active young people who came at the presentation of the project is not out of curiosity, but by the desire to achieve real, practical results. For example, Insaf Kadyrov and Roman Sizonenko students USATU already underway are developing their own ideas, not every student is able in practice to implement their own ideas. "Promsvyaz" The company not only has the potential to help students, but also to prepare graduates of the fourth and fifth courses to practice

the company and to further employment.

In practice, all student projects can be brought to the commercialization process, and this is the main aim of creating a techno club.

At the moment, the company rewards the personal scholarships distinguished students of the faculties.

Promoting your project, top managers of companies are pursuing quite definite, practical goals.

First, line up direct contact with the management of faculties and departments of specialized universities that can provide a stream of top graduates - and directly under the requirements of the plant. Secondly, the ongoing cooperation with the "Promsvyaz" in itself will attract the best graduates and students of specialties. And the third - the most important thing. The project «PS-Lab» is sure to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas. In fact, the company formed a subsidiary center generating innovative idey- technopolis, a kind of metropolis School of Information Technology. And not at the level of the virtual search, and with the possibility of technical testing until the laboratory tests.

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