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Techno clubs «PS-Lab» - start plus start. Starting a new project

On the Ufa plant "Promsvyaz" was launched a unique project - «PS-Lab» student techno club. To be precise, he launched one of the most important elements of the project - a competition of student development, which in the near future can be put into practice. By "future" will return, but for now - about the event. In addition to the presentation of the project «Promsvyaz - Laboratory» (PS-Lab), which took place in the short format of the conference, the participants were given a rare opportunity - to directly get acquainted with all stages of development and production of the most advanced electronic products. It was quite fascinating even for the deans of faculties, heads of departments and university teachers - especially great impression Seen "Promsvyaz" made to students of educational institutions. One thing to routinely use the prefix IP-TV and quite another thing - to see her birth from the scheme on the screen until a mandatory crash test series ...

However, the main purpose of management and specialists of Ufa enterprises was not to impress the imagination of visitors with unique technologies and the most modern equipment, capable of producing up to 150 000 operations per hour. The task was to attract the most interested, creative young people and their supervisors to the practical work of the students' scientific and technical, innovative club «PS-Lab».

Even a trip to the plant has been built in accordance with the four main sectors of the future cooperation. Guests and likely future employees met in the department of development of electronic components, programming department, the management of chief technologist and managing business development.

Head of department on work with Eugene Mamaev staff does not hide:

- The creation and launch of the student club «PS-Lab» is very important for us. activities in the framework of the club form a positive image of the company in the labor market, among students and within the country as a whole. But the problem, of course, not only and not so much branding. They pursue very definite practical purpose. First, we build personal contacts with the leaders of relevant departments that can provide a stream of top graduates - and directly under our plant requirements. Secondly, the ongoing cooperation with us in the framework of the project in itself will attract the best graduates and students of specialties. And the third - the most important thing. The project «PS-Lab» is sure to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas. In fact, the company formed a subsidiary center generating innovative ideas. And not at the level of the virtual search, and with the possibility of technical testing until the laboratory tests.

However, formation of personnel reserve and creative for the company - this is just one of the aspects that are inherent in the goals and objectives of the club. There are also questions much more significant scale. One of them - the adaptation of modern educational programs for business needs. That's why were so active at the start of the project the teachers leading specialized universities.

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Alexander Nikin representing his colleague Associate Professor Firdavisom Nafikova Ufa State Aviation Technical University, immediately noticed this question a double benefit:

- Adapting programs - is half the battle. Equally important is the adaptation of the students themselves and graduates to the demands of modern business innovation. This will not only entail the enhancement of the status of technical specialties, and the industrial sector as a whole, but will, in many cases, cancel sad formula "Graduated Institute - begin to relearn."

Chief designer of the ultrasonic "Promsvyaz" Ilmir Gainutdinov says: - According to the plan, student techno club «PS-Lab» will have a cyclical life span, which is primarily due to the cyclical nature of university education. The first - is the selection of participants, competitions in educational institutions and the formation of the club for the coming year. Further stages - the writing of the work plan, meeting with the curators, with the team and, if necessary - training at the factory in specialized units.

Already in September, will be the first presentation of the ideas presented. The club, which consists of leading representatives of the universities and factory workers, should determine which of the contestants won the right to run his idea in development. Up to six months, according to the plans of the club, is given in the research, design, development and testing of future devices, and then comes the stage of manufacture and testing of experimental industrial design.

And so - every year. With an annual budget of «PS-Lab» half a million rubles have every reason to believe that the new student technological community - not paper, but absolutely real project. It was decided to limit the list of the 11 residents «Promsvyaz - Laboratory». This is again the result of the calculation of the real needs in the personnel reserve - three people in the department of chief technologist, three future design engineer, three programmers, and two marketing. For each of them, provided scholarships in the amount of 2 000, but repeat - the money is not important here.

Own technology park, implemented in the format of «PS-Lab» student techno club - is not a whim and not charitable efforts. - Said the director of US "Promsvyaz" Marat Timirov. - It is clear, precise, practical interest because science needs financial and industrial make-up and fresh produce are needed, advanced scientific ideas and new technologies. "Create, invent, try!" - A great Soviet-era slogan in the realities of the market economy is transformed into a powerful competitive advantage. "Brain drain" is happening in its ideal form - from the University to the company, not from Russia abroad!

It's hard to add anything to what was said. But why the title the word "start" twice? Because the start of the first competition - this is only the beginning. Much more important is to start a private creative future, which gives a chance for students to «PS-Lab».

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