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LED lamps for housing and communal services from Promsvyaz plant - for the program to improve energy efficiency!

Modern requirements to the ecology and economy of natural resources are increasingly pushing us to the need to reduce the cost of utilities. Insulated facades, installed water meters, a year-on-year is improved electrical engineering, are becoming less energy-intensive, incandescent lamps are replaced by energy-saving and LED.
  With each passing year, and tightened the requirements for public utilities. From the housing department and management companies are demanding greater savings in everything from heating up obschedomovyh electricity costs. That is why the communal services are increasingly paying attention to the LED lamps, specially designed for the needs of utilities.

  Energy-saving LED lights for utilities used everywhere: from the lighting of entrances, basements and elevators to lighting garages, barns and country houses.
What are their advantages? Firstly, in contrast to the energy-saving fluorescent lamps, they do not contain mercury, and therefore do not require special disposal conditions. Second, an important moment for the human health - no UV radiation. And thirdly, of course, substantial energy savings. For example, a standard lamp, which is designed for installation in doorways, corridors of the various agencies, has a capacity of only six watts, and emits light as much as an incandescent lamp of 60 watts. That is, the savings will be tenfold. It should also be noted that the service life of lamps of data is not less than 50 thousand hours of continuous operation. It is about 20 years. LEDs have other advantages - lighting devices based on them are not afraid of frequent on-off, and the voltage drops in the power supply does not affect the brightness of the light flux.

  Today Ufa plant "Promsvyaz" sells a variety of LED lighting for the housing sector. Unlike their foreign counterparts, which can not be repaired in the event of failure, lamps for utilities plant Promsviaz repaired and replaceable. We have developed a technology, and apply low power LEDs, but in larger amounts, combining them into several groups. This achieves a more uniform distribution of light. For example, the board has a luminaire spur six groups of 16 LEDs. In this case, if you fail one LED goes out only the group to which it belongs, the others continue to shine and easy to replace. They are manufactured on an automated conveyor line SMT. The modules include a printed circuit board with power supply and light emitting diodes. During installation, they are collected in a single complex, forming a LED lamp, and can be installed in any housing lighting.

  The plant is focused on the production of various kinds of LED products, depending on the application. Today, LED lighting Factory "Promsvyaz" operated in the Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Center of the Ufa Employment, Housing and communal services Ufa districts, cities and Dyurtyuli Agidel, the trading house "Mercury" in Sterlitamak and a number of other organizations.

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