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Visit the city of Ufa administration at the plant "Promsvyaz"

Expansion of the range, an increase in staffing levels, upgrading production equipment in times of economic downturn - all these can be safely characterized Ufa plant "Promsvyaz" today.
While the majority of Russian companies in crisis, are cutting staff and stop production, our factory is confidently moving forward. Precisely because of this plant 30.09.2015 had the honor of hosting distinguished guests: Deputy Head of the Administration of the city district of Ufa Hasanov Ildar Finatovicha, his assistant Nigmatullina Akranovicha Urals and head of the Oktyabrsky district ....

Director Igor Mikhailovich Chirkov gave a tour of the factory. He showed the guests the electronics assembly plant, equipped with two lines poverhnostonogo installation with total capacity up to 180 thousand. Components per hour. Visiting the exhibition hall has also become an integral part of this ekskurchii. In it the director of the plant a little told about the history of the plant, which began in 1943 with the release of the loudspeaker, popularly referred to as "plate", and presented the guests a range of telecommunication equipment, in chastonosti set-top boxes and lighting.

It was given to promising products plant special attention, whose functionality meets the latest requirements of the market. It includes digital subscriber concentrators PS - 4005, GPON ONT routers, switches, access layer and aggregation, satellite receivers and mikrokomyutery.

Production of LED lighting, though not the main focus of activity of the enterprise, but is actively developed, and made constructive suggestions for improvement. For example, in their production experts use proprietary solution R-connect, which can significantly extend the service life. A production of lamps in plastic cases making them much more economical and easier to use. Housing for lamps are made with anti-vandal protection: grille and durable glass makes them inaccessible to the "street thugs". New Product - lights for telecommunication cabinets, which, incidentally, is also produced at the plant "Promsvyaz".

Meeting with guests from the Administration over chayapitiem pleasant and entering into a contract on further mutually beneficial cooperation.

Video Factory "Prosvyaz"



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