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The new solution from Ufa manufacturers

What is IPTV, already requires explanation - the service is developing as rapidly as at the time was part of our lives online. The first personal computers occupy half of the table, and now the tablet is not uncommon in the breast pocket. Similarly, seeking to improve and technical devices designed to turn IPTV into a familiar element of life. An example of this - the novelty of Ufa "Promsvyaz" plant: IPTV 103 HD mini

The main advantage of the new consoles is that there is no need to pull the wires to the socket. Innovation allows us to replace the normal power supply, a USB cable connected directly to the TV, and there is no more confusion in the wires.

The new IPTV set-top box is very different from its predecessor, even externally: the improved user experience it has become almost four times less. This allows you to use it when installing the TV, and a new fastening system no longer requires a strictly horizontal and stationary position. For the consumer - at least from the top, at least on the side of the TV, and the TV remote respond to commands from virtually any angle. It is very convenient for the user - there is no need to "aim" remote control to a certain point a new mini gadget responds instantly. This is made possible through the use of set-top boxes for housing infra-transparent material. Incidentally, more durable than the previously produced models.

Reduce download times consoles and, more importantly, the power consumption - 6 instead of 10 watts in earlier models of set-top boxes. Such custom device settings have been made possible not only through the introduction of a new element base - a global trend towards miniaturization should be provided with appropriate technologies. The plant "Promsvyaz" they present to the full - we have already talked about the possibility of establishing an enterprise automatic line for surface mounting SMD. But the line, and the chip - this is not all. Designers and technologists of the enterprise successfully combined the latest advances a number of related industries in the field of electronic engineering. The same building - a design and a designer find - it enterprise authoring. The same applies to the layout and details included in the unit of two flash sockets, use convenient mounting system and mounting the finished product.

All of this eventually gave not only a fundamental change in the size, but also on the order of improved user performance.

Manufacturers believe that this IPTV- consoles will enjoy high demand among all companies interested in improving the quality of customer service.

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